Warehouse & Security

Warehouse & Security

Do you have conditioned storage?
If you sell groceries, pharmaceuticals, or other temperature-sensitive products, we can ensure they maintain their freshness and quality as they are stored in our inventory. Our climate-controlled warehouse storage solutions will protect your stored goods no matter the time of year.

Where is your fulfillment center located?
Our production facility is located at C16 Uppal IDA,Hyderabad,TS. Given that our fulfillment center is in Uppal, we are located within close proximity to all major transportation hubs. SHIFT Fulfillment Inc. is just minutes away from Interstate from the uppal and the 20 mins to Shamshabad International Airport, and 15 minutes from the Secundrabad Railway Station.

Where are your warehouses located?
SHIFT Fulfillment services offers warehouses in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Andra Pradesh

Where is your Contact center located?
Our contact center in operated from our main warehouse in Uppal, Hyderabad.

Do you inspect products before receiving?
Our Receiving department inspects inbound products. We can perform quality control and inspection based on the products likelihood of having defects.

Do you offer secured storage for high-value inventory?
We offer secured storage for high-value inventory.

Do you have systems and processes in place to ensure pick/pack accuracy?
Barcode scanners help eliminate incorrect pick orders by ensuring the product number corresponds with the barcode in the pick area.

Will my products be safe in Shift fulfillment center?
In the Shift fulfillment security measures to protect your goods and would compensate for any damage to your products. They provide computer operating tracking, security staff, safety cages, and packaging to prevent your products from loss and theft.

Are Warehousing and ecommerce fulfillment centers are the same thing
Yes, they are the same. 

Do You Have Any Maximum Or Minimum Storage Requirements?
No, our clients are able to store as little or as much inventory as they prefer in our order fulfillment warehouse.

Does Shift Service Have Any Other Restrictions?
We specialize in order fulfillment for parcels. We don’t ship postcards or letters, but we love getting them.

Do you offer conditioned and/or refrigerated storage?
Yes, we do offer depending on your requirement. 

What is the difference between a dedicated and shared agent/Labour?
Dedicated Labour work on the Inventory and Storage management of only your particular Business where as Shared Labour work in general for all. 

Can Shift provide dedicated agents/labour for our Inventory?
Yes, we do provide depending on your requirement. 

Can I come visit your warehouse?
Yes, you can come and visit.

Can we Monitor our inventroy through cctv?
Yes, you can monitor through CCTV.

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