Steps to integrate WooCommerce

Steps to integrate WooCommerce

Step 1 : for Store Url

To copy your Store URL, first open your WooCommerce account.

Let’s say the blurred text is testaccount. So your Store URL will be

Step 2 : For your API key and API secret

To generate your API Key and API Secret please follow the below-mentioned process.

First on WooCommerce navigate to “Settings>>Advanced”.

Here under Page setup category click on “REST API”.

Then click on the “Add key” option.

After you click on the “Add key” option, enter “EasyEcom” in the Description column and give Permissions for “Read/Write”.

Then click on the "Generate API Key".

Once you click on it, WooCommerce will provide you with the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

Copy the Consumer Key in the “API Key” column and Consumer Secret in the “API Secret” column.

Once you have entered all the details in the pop-up click on the “Add Channel” button.

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