View Orders

View Orders

Go to Outbound orders

  1. Click on All to view all the orders placed by you on behalf of the customer at a glance. You will get information about the Submitted orders, Orders in Process, orders that are Ready to Ship, Shipped and Delivered.
  2. Click on Submitted to see the orders booked in terms of Order no, Source order no, Date & time of Order booking, Source of the shipment, Contact and the Status of the order, whether Shipped or Ready to pick or Stock not enough, etc.
  3. Column In Process will tell you about the orders that are in the process of completion.
  4. Click on Ready to ship to know about the orders that are ready for dispatching.
  5. Lastly, you see +more which on clicking, gives you an idea what orders are Invoiced, Cancelled, On holdDrafts or are an Exception.
Track Orders :
  1. Track the information about each order by searching by the Order no., Channel Order number, the Date of placing the Order, Channel, Source, Contact person and its Status.
  2. Channel Order numbers are the reference numbers of orders that are imported from other Channels, like Magento, Amazon, ShopClues, Flipkart, etc..
Other Options (in right corner of Top Bar):
  1. There are more options available in the top right corner such as Sync orders, Import Orders.

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    • Edit Outbound Order

      If there is a need to edit the Orders, our Customers have placed; this facility is available to our Customers, for the purpose of any minor change required to be made, for example, change in address, quantity of units, etc.