Can you process customer change of adresses requests?
We can change ship-to and bill-to addresses.

Do you offer gift wrapping/bow tying/card writing?
We offer custom printed gift messages, colorful tissue paper, festive bows and hand wrapped packages.

I have a website but I need help setting up a shopping cart and credit card authorizations. Can you do that for me?
We can assist you in setting up a shopping cart including the approval and processing of credit card transactions. We have considerable experience integrating online systems and will work closely with you to integrate your shopping cart, order processing system, and credit card processing needs with our systems to save you time and money. Our goal is to make it easy for you to sell your product, get it to your customers efficiently, and grow your business.

What Shopping Carts Do You Integrate With?
SHIFT Service is integrated with over 35 shopping carts and platforms to make the order fulfillment process fast, automated and easy for our clients. There is no cost for integrating our system with your cart or platform.

Do You Have An API?
Yes. If you are using a shopping cart or inventory/order management system that we are not currently integrated with, our API can be used to push us orders automatically, as well as retrieve tracking and inventory numbers automatically.

Is The Shift Service Logo On The Boxes?
No. Our corrugated boxes are blank and do not contain any EFS branding. The shipping labels are addressed with our client’s name.

What If I Find An Error On An Invoice?
Clients have 30 days to review invoices and submit claims if any errors are found.

Can I send an order via email or fax?
Orders can be sent to us automatically through your shopping cart platform or CSV upload.  You can also enter orders manually through the Shift customer portal. We do not accept orders by phone, email, or fax.

Does Shift handle customs clearance?
We advise all our clients to connect with a reliable and knowledgeable customs broker to guide you through the importing, customs clearance, and freight forwarding process.  We will work with any licensed custom clearance broker you choose, or we can recommend a broker that is suited for your needs (such as our industry partner, Shapiro). Please note: Shift requires that all brokerage fees, customs, taxes and duties charges related to your inbound Inventory must be paid in full prior to arrival of the products at our warehouse.