Inventory Management

Inventory Management

What type of products do you fulfill?
SHIFT Fulfillment Inc. prides itself on fulfilling products in a variety of industries. We fulfill products in the retail, healthcare, hospitality, non-profit, financial, and commercial industries.

Do you handle fragile products?
Yes! We have the means and capabilities to ensure fragile products are properly handled so you can rest easy and let us take care of the order fulfillment process.

What are order minimums?
Order minimums are the smallest amount or number of items that can be ordered in one delivery. This is done to spread out delivery costs to an economical number of units.

How do I view my order and inventory data?
Our team will backup your valuable inventory and order data so no matter where you are you can view and understand what is happening with your products. We use cloud-based storage on secure servers to protect your data from hardware failure.

How do you keep track of each client’s inventory?
We can access our clients’ inventory status in real-time using a SHIFT application software. When customers place an order, our software allows you to track your product’s process 24/7 from the moment you order it to the moment it arrives at your door. As each order is shipped, or new materials are received for a client order, our inventory records are immediately adjusted and available on the secure connection. To ensure the utmost security, our customers will be assigned a password and username so that they can log in online at any time to view the status of their order.

How are your products packaged for shipment?
Packaging is important in ensuring there is as little risk as possible of orders getting damaged along their routes. We use our knowledge and expertise to package items in the correct size boxes or containers and label every package to ensure it gets into the right hands. Depending on the product you order, we will ensure there is adequate stuffing to protect the items from bouncing around in the box. Our handlers are also extra careful with our boxes, especially fragile items.

How often do you perform a physical inventory?
We conduct physical inventories on an annual basis. Additional physicals are available by request.

Are inventory levels updated as orders come in?
We update inventory levels in real-time.

What occurs when a product is on backorder?
After receiving new inventory, we release backorders in order of receipt. Customers receive an email notification informing them of their order status.

Can you pick inventory using the first-in first-out method?
We can use FIFO (first-in first-out) and FEFO (first-expire first-out) picking methods for products with a listed expiration date.

Do you store/ship HAZMAT materials or products?
We can store and ship some HAZMAT products like nail polish, aerosols and other non-toxic materials. Our company will access each product on a case-by-case basis to determine specific risks.

Will I get back my unfulfilled inventory?
Yes, you can apply for a return of inventory any time you wish to.

Does Shift Service Have Restrictions With Inventory Storage?
We do not limit how much storage space a merchant can utilize within our order fulfillment warehouse. Additionally, we do not have any long-term storage fees if your inventory does not move fast enough. Each week we calculate the precise amount of warehouse space being utilized to ensure you do not overpay for inventory storage.

Does Shift Service Have Restrictions With Certain Products?
Shift Service works with most types of products, including many products that are considered hazardous for shipping and require ORM-D labels. There are certain products that we do NOT work with, including posters, unpackaged food items, frozen food items, certain hazardous materials, guns or ammunition, pornography, as well as items that are extremely high value. We also do not typically work with oversized items, including those that are larger than 36″ on any one side, or items weighing more than 50 pounds.

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